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MiniDeed instantly connects people everywhere to the causes that are important to them. Any registered user of MiniDeed can create content, linking it to a cause of his or her choice. Posted content is public by default.

This Privacy Policy describes how and when we collect, use, and share your information across our websites, SMS, APIs, email notifications, applications, buttons, embeds, ads, or our other covered services that link to this Policy (collectively, "MiniDeed"), and from our partners and other third parties. When using MiniDeed you consent to the collection, transfer, storage, disclosure, and use of your information as described in this Privacy Policy. This includes any information you choose to provide that is deemed sensitive under applicable law.

Siperi Limited, registered at 4 Shrewton Road, London, England, SW17 9HX (“we”, “us”, “our”), data controller responsible for MiniDeed, is committed to keeping your information secure and managing it in accordance with our legal responsibilities under privacy and data protection laws where we operate. Despite this, you alone control and are responsible for the posting of your own content and other information you submit through MiniDeed, as provided in the Terms of Service.

You authorise us to transfer, store, and use your information in and any country where we operate. In some of these countries, the privacy and data protection laws and rules regarding when government authorities may access data may vary from those in the country where you live.

By visiting our website or using any of our services, you agree to your personal information being used and disclosed in the manner set out in this Policy. You do not have to provide your personal information to us, but if you do not provide certain information we will only be able to provide limited services to you.

The personal information that we collect

Creating a MiniDeed account

We will collect basic contact information about you to set up your account so you can make donations or raise funds. This information may include your name, address, email address or phone number. We will also ask you to register a username and password so you can gain secure access to your account in the future.

Alternatively you may authorise us to collect your basic personal details from a secure online source (e.g. Google, Facebook) to which you have already provided this information.

If you choose to login via Facebook we will obtain access to your public profile information and email address. We will use this information to allow you to login and populate our records about you. If you give us permission (via Facebook’s preference settings) we may also obtain access to your friend list; we will only use this to see if people on your friends list are also using our website and as set out in How we use personal information below.

Your username or name is always listed publicly, including on your profile page and in search results. Some of our product features, such as searching and viewing public MiniDeed user profiles, do not require you to create an account.

Contact information

You may use your contact information, such as your email address or phone number, to customize your account or enable certain account features. If you provide us with your phone number, you agree to receive text messages to that number from us. We may use your contact information to send you information about MiniDeed, to market to you, to help prevent spam, fraud, or abuse, and to help others find your account, including through third-party services and client applications. You may use your settings for email and mobile notifications to control notifications you receive from MiniDeed. You may also unsubscribe from a notification by following the instructions contained within the notification or the instructions on our website. Your discoverability privacy settings control whether others can find you on MiniDeed by your email address or phone number.

Additional Information

You may provide us with information about others (or authorise us to collect this information on your behalf from your social networks, your address book or your email contacts list), for example so we can help you tell your friends and family about MiniDeed or some content you have created.

We may later personalise content, such as making suggestions or showing user accounts and posts for you and other users, based on your contacts. You can delete contacts at any time through your profile.

If you connect your MiniDeed account to your account on another service, the other service may send us information that you authorise for use in MiniDeed. This information may enable cross-posting or otherwise help us improve MiniDeed.

You and must not use our services to send unsolicited 'spam' messages.

Posts, Following, Profile, and Other Public Information

MiniDeed helps you share information and causes you care about with the world. Most of the information you provide us through MiniDeed is information you are asking us to make public. You may provide us with profile information such as a short bio, your location, date of birth, or a picture. Additionally, your public information includes the messages you post; the metadata provided with posts, such as when you posted and the client application you used to post; information about your account, such as creation time, language, country, and time zone; and the accounts or topics you follow, posts you Like or Share, and other content you click or otherwise engage with (such as by commenting or hearting or donating) on MiniDeed. MiniDeed broadly and instantly disseminates your public information to a wide range of users, customers, and services, including search engines, developers, and publishers that integrate MiniDeed content into their services and market research firms that analyse the information for trends and insights. When you share information or content like photos, videos, and links, you should think carefully about what you are making public. We may use this information to make inferences, like what topics you may be interested in. Our default is almost always to make the information you provide through MiniDeed public for as long as you do not delete it, but we may give you settings or features to make some information private. For certain profile fields we provide you with visibility settings to select who can see this information. If you provide us with profile information and you don’t see a visibility setting, that information is public.

Location Information

We may use and store information about your location to provide certain features and improve or customize our services, for example, with more relevant content such as local trends, stories, ads, and suggestions for accounts and topics to follow.


We may keep track of how you interact with links on MiniDeed, including our email notifications, third-party services, and client applications, by redirecting clicks or through other means. We do this to help improve our services, to provide more relevant advertising, and to be able to share aggregate click statistics such as how many times a particular link was clicked on.


Our website uses cookies (which includes third party cookies to support social media, personalisation and analytics functionality).

Cookies are small computer files which are downloaded onto your device and collect information about the way in which you navigate and use our website and the internet. Cookies do not collect information which allows us to identify individual users. The information provided by cookies helps us to provide you with a more personal experience and allows us to make improvements to our services over time. You may delete and block all cookies or decide to just block certain types of cookies via your browser setting. However, if you choose to block or delete cookies, this may affect the functionality of the website.

Using our services

We receive information when you view content on or otherwise interact with MiniDeed, even if you have not created an account. This may include your IP address, browser type, operating system, the referring web page, pages visited, location, your mobile carrier, device information, search terms, or Cookie information. We also receive information when you click on, view or interact with links on MiniDeed, including links to third-party applications. We use this information to make inferences, like what topics you may be interested in, and to customise the content we show you, including ads.

Making donations

To enable us to process donations we will collect and may store basic payment information. If you are eligible for UK Gift Aid, we may also ask you to confirm your UK home address. We never disclose this information. See below for how we keep your information secure.

By default, other users will be able to see your donation towards the relevant post and linked cause. You can also make anonymous donations.

Raising funds

When you create a post and link it to a cause you are helping raise funds for that cause by allowing users, including yourself, to support your post by making instant donations towards the linked cause.

To facilitate instant and seamless fund raising, we collect and store details of each charity for which donations can be made, including the registered address, bank account or other payment details of the charity to allow us to process donations and, where applicable, claim Gift Aid on behalf of the charity. See below for how we keep this information secure.

How we use personal information

We use the personal information collected from users for a number of purposes, some of which include:

  1. administering donations made (and claiming Gift Aid, if applicable);
  2. personalising the look and feel of MiniDeed (as well as our communications with users) to fit personal preferences which you have told us about or which we have inferred from your usage of our website (such as donation history, and fundraising or charity page cares/likes, both on our website and, where you have given us permission, via social networks (see also the Cookies and Analytics sections for more information) or derived from market research;
  3. providing users with fundraising related news stories, tips and competitions, updates, fundraising, comments on website content, details of similar or popular fundraising pages, campaigns, events or MiniDeed pages and messages of support;
  4. providing users with information on how others are using our website, including: (i) their friends (or people they are connected with) on social networks; and/or (ii) other people which we have noticed the user is connected with via service usage (this uses our functionality which profiles factors including the user's connections, trends and donation history). For example if you and one of your Facebook friends have logged in through Facebook and are both using our site we might let your friend know that you are fundraising via our site. We will only do this where we have appropriate permissions or you have provided appropriate permissions to the social network as are required by privacy and data protection laws;
  5. to help us prevent fraud associated with online payments;
  6. providing information to fundraisers to let them know about contributions made to their fundraising post;
  7. allowing charities who are registered with us to have visibility of the donations made to them so they can track the total donations (in an anonymous form, unless the donor provides appropriate permissions);
  8. allowing charities who are registered with us to understand which fundraisers within MiniDeed are fundraising for their benefit and (where appropriate) display information on their own websites about published fundraising activities and otherwise communicate with fundraisers in relation to that fundraising;
  9. allowing other sites to promote public fundraising activities from MiniDeed, to support giving to those and other activities associated them;
  10. where the donor provides appropriate permissions, to allow charities to: (i) provide that donor with more details about their activities; and/or (ii) contact individual donors to pass on a thank you message;
  11. information supplied by any person may be used to consider fundraisers for inclusion in the MiniDeed fundraising awards. If a fundraiser is shortlisted for an award we would always contact the fundraiser before making their nomination public;
  12. allowing companies to review their employees' participation in activities, where employees have agreed to them doing so;
  13. providing service update emails regarding MiniDeed and your specific account; and
  14. improving the service we offer - for example you may be asked to complete one of our online user satisfaction surveys.

We understand that many donors like to make donations anonymously. We respect this and provide the ability to make anonymous and public donations, where public donations only disclose your username and therefore your public MiniDeed profile.

We do not provide any personal information to a charity relating to your donation unless we have your permission to do so (or where we are required to do so by applicable law).

If you allow us to pass on your details to a charity you may receive further correspondence from them including emails telling you more about their cause and to thank you for your donation. If you do not allow us to pass on your details to them for these purposes you will be anonymous to them and they will not be able to contact you in this way. Any further correspondence you receive from them will not be governed by this Policy; it will be governed by their privacy policies (if applicable) and you may ask them to stop communicating with you by contacting them in accordance with the terms of their privacy policy (if applicable) and the relevant laws.

We will only use your information where we have obtained appropriate permissions from you (e.g. with tick boxes) and will only use the information in accordance with this Policy, or where it is required and authorised by law.

Communications from us

Where you have indicated you would like to receive updates we may send marketing in the form of email alerts, bulletins and notifications to tell you about developments in our services, together with tips, news stories and competitions related to giving and fundraising for charities.

Where you have indicated that you would like to receive direct marketing communications from us, we will use your personal preferences which you have told us about, which we have derived from Cookies and/or which we have inferred from your service usage (see Analytics below) or market research.

You can also unsubscribe from receiving certain electronic messages by following the “unsubscribe” instructions included in our communication and you may change your preferences and cease receiving direct marketing from us through your account settings.

Providing information to others

We work closely with a number of trusted partners with whom we need to share personal information to help us operate the MiniDeed service. These include:

  • our related entities around the world, (see Working with other service providers and group companies) below;
  • banks and payment providers - to authorise and complete payment transactions;
  • organisations within the payment card industry to help prevent online fraud;
  • law enforcement bodies in order to comply with any legal obligation or court order and, where we are otherwise requested to provide information, we may provide it but only in accordance with applicable privacy and data protection laws;
  • HM Revenue & Customs, but only if we need to authorise claims for Gift Aid or other forms of tax efficient ways of giving; and
  • Charities and CASCs

We also allow other sites to promote public fundraising and crowdfunding activities from MiniDeed, as explained above.

We may also provide information to third party service providers who process information on our behalf to help run some of our internal business operations including email distribution, IT services and customer services (see Working with other service providers and group companies).

We will only share information with such organisations where we have your permission to do so in accordance with this Policy, or where we believe it is necessary for a legitimate reason connected with the services we offer.

You agree that we may disclose or share your personal information with such partners in order that we may operate the MiniDeed service.

Working with other service providers and our group companies

For operational reasons, we transfer personal information to service providers and our group companies who help us manage our systems and processes (such as card payment providers), and to deliver our services to users.

These service providers and group companies may be located in the UK, other countries in the European Economic Area or elsewhere in the world. Different privacy laws may apply in these countries and you understand and unambiguously consent to the transfer of personal information to these countries, group companies and service providers.

We only make these arrangements or transfers where we are satisfied that adequate levels of protection are in place to protect any information held in that country or that the service provider acts at all times in compliance with applicable privacy laws. Where required under applicable laws we will take measures to ensure that personal information handled in other countries will receive at least the same level of protection as it is given in your home country.

In the event your personal information is transferred to a foreign jurisdiction, it may be subject to the laws of that jurisdiction and we may be required to disclose it to the courts, law enforcement or governmental authorities in those jurisdictions but we will only do so where required by applicable laws.

Keeping information secure

We invest significant resources to protect your personal information, from loss, misuse, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. We are committed to handling your customer information with high standards of information security. We use computer safeguards such as firewalls and data encryption, we enforce physical access controls to our buildings and files, and we authorise access to personal information only for those employees who require it to fulfil their job responsibilities. However, no internet-based site can be 100% secure and we cannot be held responsible for unauthorised or unintended access that is beyond our control.

Any information sent to us is encrypted (scrambled) using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. This is industry standard encryption technology that protects data whilst being sent over the internet from being intercepted and misused by third parties. When it reaches us, we then store it on a secure server so that it can only be read by authorised personnel.

We will not ask you for your MiniDeed identification and authentication details in an unsolicited phone call or unsolicited email. You are responsible for keeping your authentication details secure and you should not disclose them to anyone (unless you wish to authorise them to access your account).

Accessing and modifying your personal information

Please notify us of any changes to your personal information which you have provided to us. You can do this by updating your MiniDeed account settings or contacting us using the details below.

You can also permanently delete your MiniDeed account.

Keeping your records

We keep records for as long as required to operate the service in accordance with legal, tax and accounting requirements. Where your information is no longer required, we will ensure it is disposed of in a secure manner and, where required by applicable law we will notify you when such information has been disposed of.

Analytics and social media plugins

We use analytics tools on our website to provide the service you request, identify service issues to us, improve our services and to provide content tailored to users' personal preferences and profiles.

These tools may be provided by third-party service providers and may include the collection and tracking of certain data and information regarding the characteristics and activities of visitors to our website. We may disclose data, including personal information, to certain such third-party services providers in order to obtain such services.

Access rights

You have the right to request copies of certain of your personal information within our custody and control and details of how we use that information. If you think any of the personal information we hold about you is inaccurate, you may also request it is corrected. You also have a right, in certain circumstances, to require us to stop processing your personal information.

In relation to all of these rights, please email or write to us at the address below. Please note that we may, where permitted under applicable law, charge a small administrative fee and / or request proof of identity. We will respond to your requests within all applicable timeframes.

In certain circumstances (for example where required or permitted by law) we might not be able to provide you with access to some of your personal information, but where appropriate we will notify you of the reasons for this.

Changes, complaints and contact

Policy updates

We keep this Policy under regular review and make updates from time to time. Please review this Policy periodically for changes.

However, we will always notify you of material changes we make to this Policy and, where required under applicable privacy and data protection legislation, we will appropriately notify or give you the option to consent to changes to the Policy.

If you do not accept the amended Policy, please stop using our website.

Complaints process

If you have a complaint about how we have handled your personal information you may contact us using the details below and we will investigate your complaint.


If you have any questions about this Policy, or would like to exercise your rights with respect to your personal information, please contact us via or write to Siperi Ltd, 4 Shrewton Road, London, England, SW17 9HX.