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Make a difference with each "like"

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How it works

Back causes you care about through mini deeds!

Get started

Download the app

Simply download the app and create an account. Then enter your monthly budget and how much you want to donate with each 'like'. It can be as little as 1p, every donation matters.


Write and share posts

Whether it's the environment, Syrian refugees, Brexit or anything else that makes you want to take a stand, express yourself by creating and sharing interesting photos, videos and more.


Make a difference with every like

Show solidarity and help bring about positive change by liking content and making seamless micro-donations to support the causes that you feel passionate about.

Our Mission

Our mission is to change the way we make donations and how we see charitable giving.

We want people's donating habits to reflect who they are, what they care about and their beliefs without being unaffordable.

Our goal is to empower everyone to take a stand and to provide tangible support that goes beyond likes and shares with the purpose of making positive and lasting change in peoples' lives.

Proud to support


Where do the donations come from?
When you register you have the option to enter your bank account or debit/credit card details. You also choose how much you would like to donate per “like” and you can set a monthly limit to cap the amount that you donate each month. At the end of month, we’ll add up the total amount you’ve donated and distribute this to the charities you’ve supported. Note that for our Beta app, we only accept MasterCard and Visa.
How little can I donate?
You can donate as little as 1p per “like”. The money will be taken at the end of each month from the account that you specify. In some cases, where your cumulative donation throughout the month is very small, instead of collecting money from your account, we may roll this forward into the following month - this is so that we can avoid paying or passing on unnecessary fees.
How do I know what charity I’m donating to?
Each post in the MiniDeed app clearly shows the charity that is receiving donations when you “like” it. And when you create your own posts you choose what charity you want to support - when your friends and other followers “like” your post they will be donating to your chosen charity.
What does Beta mean?
It’s our way of saying that this is a bleeding edge app and we’re trying to start small so that we can get your feedback and make the app the way you really want it. It also means there may still be bugs so please bear with us!
What information do I need to give to sign up?
To sign up all you need to do is fill in your email address. Once you’ve signed up we’ll email you a link to our beta app, which you can install via Google Play or the App Store.
Does it integrate with Facebook?
MiniDeed is a new social app, similar to Facebook, Twitter and other platforms, but focused on doing good by turning “likes” into charitable donations. We will be adding support for optionally logging into MiniDeed using Facebook or other social credentials too, but not for posting into or from these apps.